Raptor Awards CIC launches new professional awards

Raptor Awards CIC has introduced new Awards for those specialising in Pigeon and Gull control.

These are the first professional level awards in any country and should become the ‘gold-standard’ for those working in the bird control sector.

An Award at Level two is  available for operatives/technicians working for larger firms, and a Level 3 Award for those working on their own account.

The awards are the product of a long development period with our Bird Control Industry group, who have helped Raptor Awards to establish a National Framework of occupational standards against which competence may be judged.

Who benefits from these new awards?

  • Individuals and firms in the bird control sector can now make a public declaration of their support for a professional industry practising the highest welfare and professional standards
  • facilites management companies, Local Authorites and private cstomers seeking environmentally sound bird control can easly locate professionals who have met the standards for inclusion in the IRBPP register.

Bird control using Birds of prey – the natural solution

Bird control using birds of prey is a non-lethal, sustainable and environmentally sensitve method of deterrence based on the natural aversion of pigeons, gulls and other nuisance species to occupy the same space as a visible and (in their eyes) potentially dangerous predator.

Regular patrols using the corect type of hawk or falcon, coupled with a clear strategic approach by properly trained professionals achieves long-lasting results without the need to resort to trapping or destruction of pest species.