Raphael Historic Falconry specialise in school visits with a difference! Our historic educational workshops are a valuable teaching aid for those children studying Roman, Medieval, Tudor, Victorian or WWII history. Plus they get to learn about birds and natural history too. Maybe your class would like to hear about the discoveries of Charles Darwin, evolution and extinction, stories of dinosaurs and giant predatory birds? Or perhaps the sport of Medieval Kings, how hawks were used to catch food, and gallant tales of Knights and noble ladies? What about the important role of birds during the 1940s war effort, the hunting tales of Henry VIII or Roman mythology? We deliver live action historic workshops all over the UK incorporating our beautiful birds, stunning costumes and authentic period props. Ever seen a pigeon in a parachute? Just one example of the many resources we use to bring history alive in schools and academic institutions. And if education is not necessarily your main interest, perhaps you just want to give your children a treat with an exciting enrichment activity, we can do that too. Experience has taught us that every school is different so we will happily work with you to create the perfect visit for you. More details are available on our website.

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